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Welcome to Maladroit37's Music. Here you can find everything about music from the music I'm currently listening to, to the type of music that I enjoy. You can also listen along with me the music that I'm currently listening to, live, by clicking on the red play button right beside the song. If there is only a 30 second sample playing, then you will have to listen to that song on your own. If you don't know if the song is a 30 second sample one, you can click on the link below the player. One you click on the link, scroll down to the section called "Recently Listened Tracks". If you see the words "full track" right beside the artists name, then you can listen to the full version of the song, otherwise, you would have to listen to that song on your own. You can use internet radio to listen to the songs that I enjoy. There are a bunch of internet radio stations such as rhapsody radio and itunes radio (built inside the itunes program) for example. You can also find out about the most popular music. Music I'm Currently Listening To

Here is information about the music that I have recently listened to.

You can listen to my music live by clicking on the red play button inside the widget or by clicking on the link above and then, look and click on the red play button there.

Popular Music

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