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Maladroit37's Website

Translate English into whatever language you desire!

Translate English into whatever language you desire!

Welcome to Maladroit37's Website. A high speed internet connection is recommended in viewing this website. To view this page properly, you will need the lastest version of flash. You can get it at the Adobe website and scrol down and click on Get Adobe Flash Player or you can just click on the "Get Adobe Flash Player" link above. If you would like to rate and comment on my website, then check out the Guestbook page. If you would like to spread the word about this website, then scroll to the bottom right of the page and hover your mouse over the word "Bookmark" and then click on the appropriate icon. This website can now be accessed on your Iphone, Android, Blackberry, or any mobile device.


In this case the word "site" means website. This website is subject to change at any time. If you would like to be notified of site updates, you can do either one of the two or both to be notified of site updates.


#1. You can fill in the information under "Subscribe to My Site". Scroll down, it should be right under the clock and above the words "Entertainment Software Ratings Board". I will NOT share any information about you at all!


#2. You can click on calendar and check for site updates there. At the bottom right of the calendar ,where it says RSS, if you click on that, you can get RSS feeds (site updates) right in your browser.


Those two methods are the ONLY ways, you can be notified of website updates and when they'll happen.


Subscribe to this feed

You can click on the Orange Square or click here to Subscribe to the feed

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